Dr. Jitendra Kumar Suman

Jitendra Kumar Suman has done his Doctoral Research in the Historiography of Ancient Indian Religion from India. He worked as a Research Associate in the National Mission on Monuments & Antiquities in India, and as an academic editor at Raka Publication in Allahabad, India. His major research work and papers includes: “Origin and Growth of the Image of Buddha”, “An Analytical Study of the Historiography of Ancient Indian Religion”, “Sacrificial Nature of Shilpa in Indian Tradition”, “Marxist Interpretation of Ancient Indian Religions: A Theoretical Background”, “Critique of the Construction of Buddhology”, “Representation of Women in Ancient Indian Art and Gender Construction” and “Art as a Reaction or an Act in Itself”. Presently he is working as an Assistant curator (documentation) at Corner of the Past Museum, SBHS, Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin, USA.